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Relax and read without distraction—in bed, on the couch, or at the beach.

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Whether it’s a novel for book club or military history, the Sol Reader works with your next book.

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Setting up the perfect, hands-free experience takes less than a minute with the Sol app.

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From the Community

“Things I love about the Sol Reader: not having to hold the book in front of my face; reading without turning on a light; fast charging and super long battery life; getting books is fast and seamless.”

Elizabeth W.

“The Sol onboarding process was quick and smooth. I usually stick to physical books, but lying down completely flat wearing a Sol Reader without having to hold anything is impossible to beat.”

Jacob W.

"I love my Sol Reader. It feels like how laying down and reading should feel — I don’t think I’ve lost any of the warmth of a real book somehow. It’s my new favorite thing I own."

Markie W.

"These things are kinda magical. I’m reading a book I’ve read maybe a dozen times, and reading it with these on makes it come alive in a totally new way. It scratches an itch for something I didn’t know I needed. Just high-tech enough. Nothing I don’t need. Climb into bed in a dark room. Pop them on. I'm someplace else."

Kmele F.